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Protecting the legacy


Horses, they may seem so dependent on humans and vice versa that there is no danger of any of them becoming extinct. And while this is sort of true in that most if not all horses, especially wild horses are protected by a number of laws, that there are not other factors that threaten the species. Climate change has wiped out many of the natural habitats of wild horses and people continue to kill them for game, which means that we need to a better job of protecting them.

Now you may think “what can I do”, I don’t know of any wild horses and I have never shot anything in my life. Well that’s good, but the horses still need your help if they are to stay a species that continues to help out mankind.


No matter where you are in the world, and if you are reading this, you have access to a computer and therefore access to a site that lets you donated to the number of endangered horse breeds around the world. Sure, they may not be race horses and work horses, but they are still some of the most legendary creatures on the planet and we should do everything we can to protect them.

So think about the rich history of horses and humans and realize that we can do a part to preserve it. That through time and a little bit of money we can make sure that these breeds continue to survive. That with the help of sponsors such as http://www.blakeshardcider.com, the leader in hard cider North Carolina, we can make a difference and make sure that future generations can enjoy the animal that helped us get to where we are today, and that breeds can continue to thrive as they have for thousands of years.

An increase in popularity


Horse racing has always been a part of American history from colonial times and beyond. What makes the sport so interesting is that now we are using an almost ancient form of entertainment and tailoring it toward the real world. Back when humans first started domesticating horses, they found out that they were quite fast. And with little means of entertainment back then, they quickly began racing them.

After that, horse breeding became a huge worldwide industry and people began breeding faster and faster horses to compete with one another. Once the world got a little more globalized, these races started taking place all of the world to see which individual had the fastest horses, which countries could breed the fastest horses, and which jockeys could ride the best.

Horse racing today

Today, horse racing is seeing a huge surge in popularity. Perhaps it is because people are getting more adventurous in terms of which sports they are willing to watch or because it is just better televised, but horse racing is the new go to sport in many countries, including the US. And while events such as the Kentucky Derby are well known, there are even more smaller event that are making their way into mainstream media.

It is an exciting time for horse racing especially for those that have been following it for years. Now we get to share our excitement with people that may have otherwise never even seen a race. Let’s hope horse racing continues to grow.

A sharp increase in popularity


Horse racing is something that has always been there but many people may not have been aware. A form of entertainment for centuries, humans have been racing horses, and also using them for virtually everything else ever since they were able to tame the wild bests. What is most interesting about the horse racing phenomenon is its recent surge in popularity.

Perhaps it is because the world is better connected and people are more easily able to share their interests to crowds that may have not had access to the profession in the recent past. No matter the reason, there is no doubt that horse racing popularity is at an all time high.

Making sense of it all

Horse racing has everything that humans need in order to feel alive, action, drama, excitement, and rooting for your favorite player, or horse in this instance. It is a sport that has all of the elements of more popular sports, but combines a rich history and biological love for the magnificent animal that is the horse.

Aside from the big events, even smaller events are being streamed and televised, and the social media world is talking about it at length. One of the greatest sports to emerge in mainstream athletics in the past few years, I for one am glad that horse racing is getting the respect that it deserves, not only in the countries where it has always been popular, but other countries as well that may have dismissed it in the past.

Parallel Evolution


Anybody who has studied horses knows not only how amazing they are, but how closely connected to humans they are. For centuries, horses and humans have lived in harmony, helping one another evolve and thrive in the harsh world. Used for a number of things since ancient times, horses actually evolved to be attracted to humans knowing that they would take care of them.

Much like other domesticated animals, the two have always been connected at the hip since they first met. The humans saw a use for the powerful horse, and horses saw a way to thrive in the world by seeking out humans. Of course at one time it took a lot of horse wrangling in order to domesticate these animals, and unfortunately there are not a lot of wild horses left.

An amazing turn of events

Even though we have eliminated a lot of horse breeds through occupying their land and breeding them with horse breeds that we found to be more useful, horses are still a large part of our world especially as it comes to entertainment. It can be argued that without one another horses and humans would not be where they are today in terms of evolution.

No matter what we choose to believe when it comes to our relationship with horses, there is no doubt that the two have helped each other in ways that are nothing short of remarkable. In the future, let’s hope that we do our part to preserve the ancestry of these wonderful animals.

Draft versus race horses


When reading about horse breeds, you often run into two different terms, draft horses and race horses. There are two very large distinctions between the two, and knowing which is which can help increase your knowledge greatly. In essence, draft horses are work horses, large breeds that are mainly used for pulling things, while race horses are bred to do exactly what the name would suggest, race.

Draft horses are used for pulling carriages, plows, and other large objects and are typically much thicker and mild mannered than their racing counterparts. On the other hand, race horses are leaner and have a fiery temper that makes them ideal for going straight ahead at full speed.

Draft and race horses today

Today, draft and race horses are both still used, but the priorities have changed a little. Draft horses still pull carriages, but they are not the primary way in which to transport goods anymore. As a result, many older breeds of draft horses are being phased out, while race horse breeds such as Thoroughbreds are thriving.

Race horses are the wave of the horse breeding future. Horse racing continues to become more popular worldwide, and as a result, race horses are becoming bred with other breeds to create the fastest possible horse. Horses are such a part of our culture and evolution that these two types of horse will likely never go away and they will continue to serve the purpose for which they were bred.

Ancient breeds


Ancient horse breeds are a very interesting thing as it pertains to history and biology. On one hand, you have breeds that helped raise the breeds we know and love today, the breeds that are the best racers, workers, and performers of the long lineage of the majestic animal. And like many ancient breeds, there are few left.

The strangest part about these ancient breeds is that of the ones that still exist, they are still used by the remote people of the area. They, like their human counterparts have remained relatively unchanged for the duration of their existence, and are almost separate from the rest of the world and the rest of the horse breeds.

Bringing it all together

Even with the best of efforts, many ancient breeds of horses are dying off, partly because there is little use for them in the modern world, and partly because the climate and world is changing. People are often pushing these breeds out of their natural habitat, and others are being used to cross breed with more useful breeds, and thus eliminating the previous lineage.

Ancient breeds are different from modern breeds in that they evolved independently, or mostly independently of human intervention. As humans captured many wild horses, they began to breed them with breeds that they saw as stronger, faster, and heartier. As a result, ancient breeds are becoming things of the past, but perhaps more importantly a large part of the future of other breeds that we still see today.

A rich history


Horses and humans are two animals that have helped each other survive since ancient times. Part of every civilization that was able to tame these wild animals, horses eventually became drawn to humans biologically simply because they knew that humans and horses had a symbiotic relationship. Because of this, the two have been inseparable for a number of years.

And even though there are few wild horses left, the number of domesticated horses is still very abundant. Bred to do everything from draft work to racing, horses remain part of our culture and heritage. From races to some areas that still use horses for field work, there may be no other animal that is as responsible for humanity than the horse.

The future of breeding

The difficult thing about horses and their relationship with humans is that technology is largely taking over the roles that horses used to fill. We use machinery instead of horses for farming for the most part, and therefore many breeds are not used as frequently. What this means is that many breeds are dying out or becoming less of what their ancestors were.

It is arguable that many of these breeds would have been consumed by industrialization and the population boom of humans on the planet, but the fact remains that we are almost solely responsible for many of the breeds that exist. With care and consideration, we can make sure that these breeds stick around and that their heritage and ancient ancestry is preserved.