A rich history


Horses and humans are two animals that have helped each other survive since ancient times. Part of every civilization that was able to tame these wild animals, horses eventually became drawn to humans biologically simply because they knew that humans and horses had a symbiotic relationship. Because of this, the two have been inseparable for a number of years.

And even though there are few wild horses left, the number of domesticated horses is still very abundant. Bred to do everything from draft work to racing, horses remain part of our culture and heritage. From races to some areas that still use horses for field work, there may be no other animal that is as responsible for humanity than the horse.

The future of breeding

The difficult thing about horses and their relationship with humans is that technology is largely taking over the roles that horses used to fill. We use machinery instead of horses for farming for the most part, and therefore many breeds are not used as frequently. What this means is that many breeds are dying out or becoming less of what their ancestors were.

It is arguable that many of these breeds would have been consumed by industrialization and the population boom of humans on the planet, but the fact remains that we are almost solely responsible for many of the breeds that exist. With care and consideration, we can make sure that these breeds stick around and that their heritage and ancient ancestry is preserved.

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