Ancient breeds


Ancient horse breeds are a very interesting thing as it pertains to history and biology. On one hand, you have breeds that helped raise the breeds we know and love today, the breeds that are the best racers, workers, and performers of the long lineage of the majestic animal. And like many ancient breeds, there are few left.

The strangest part about these ancient breeds is that of the ones that still exist, they are still used by the remote people of the area. They, like their human counterparts have remained relatively unchanged for the duration of their existence, and are almost separate from the rest of the world and the rest of the horse breeds.

Bringing it all together

Even with the best of efforts, many ancient breeds of horses are dying off, partly because there is little use for them in the modern world, and partly because the climate and world is changing. People are often pushing these breeds out of their natural habitat, and others are being used to cross breed with more useful breeds, and thus eliminating the previous lineage.

Ancient breeds are different from modern breeds in that they evolved independently, or mostly independently of human intervention. As humans captured many wild horses, they began to breed them with breeds that they saw as stronger, faster, and heartier. As a result, ancient breeds are becoming things of the past, but perhaps more importantly a large part of the future of other breeds that we still see today.

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