Draft versus race horses


When reading about horse breeds, you often run into two different terms, draft horses and race horses. There are two very large distinctions between the two, and knowing which is which can help increase your knowledge greatly. In essence, draft horses are work horses, large breeds that are mainly used for pulling things, while race horses are bred to do exactly what the name would suggest, race.

Draft horses are used for pulling carriages, plows, and other large objects and are typically much thicker and mild mannered than their racing counterparts. On the other hand, race horses are leaner and have a fiery temper that makes them ideal for going straight ahead at full speed.

Draft and race horses today

Today, draft and race horses are both still used, but the priorities have changed a little. Draft horses still pull carriages, but they are not the primary way in which to transport goods anymore. As a result, many older breeds of draft horses are being phased out, while race horse breeds such as Thoroughbreds are thriving.

Race horses are the wave of the horse breeding future. Horse racing continues to become more popular worldwide, and as a result, race horses are becoming bred with other breeds to create the fastest possible horse. Horses are such a part of our culture and evolution that these two types of horse will likely never go away and they will continue to serve the purpose for which they were bred.

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