Parallel Evolution


Anybody who has studied horses knows not only how amazing they are, but how closely connected to humans they are. For centuries, horses and humans have lived in harmony, helping one another evolve and thrive in the harsh world. Used for a number of things since ancient times, horses actually evolved to be attracted to humans knowing that they would take care of them.

Much like other domesticated animals, the two have always been connected at the hip since they first met. The humans saw a use for the powerful horse, and horses saw a way to thrive in the world by seeking out humans. Of course at one time it took a lot of horse wrangling in order to domesticate these animals, and unfortunately there are not a lot of wild horses left.

An amazing turn of events

Even though we have eliminated a lot of horse breeds through occupying their land and breeding them with horse breeds that we found to be more useful, horses are still a large part of our world especially as it comes to entertainment. It can be argued that without one another horses and humans would not be where they are today in terms of evolution.

No matter what we choose to believe when it comes to our relationship with horses, there is no doubt that the two have helped each other in ways that are nothing short of remarkable. In the future, let’s hope that we do our part to preserve the ancestry of these wonderful animals.

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