A sharp increase in popularity


Horse racing is something that has always been there but many people may not have been aware. A form of entertainment for centuries, humans have been racing horses, and also using them for virtually everything else ever since they were able to tame the wild bests. What is most interesting about the horse racing phenomenon is its recent surge in popularity.

Perhaps it is because the world is better connected and people are more easily able to share their interests to crowds that may have not had access to the profession in the recent past. No matter the reason, there is no doubt that horse racing popularity is at an all time high.

Making sense of it all

Horse racing has everything that humans need in order to feel alive, action, drama, excitement, and rooting for your favorite player, or horse in this instance. It is a sport that has all of the elements of more popular sports, but combines a rich history and biological love for the magnificent animal that is the horse.

Aside from the big events, even smaller events are being streamed and televised, and the social media world is talking about it at length. One of the greatest sports to emerge in mainstream athletics in the past few years, I for one am glad that horse racing is getting the respect that it deserves, not only in the countries where it has always been popular, but other countries as well that may have dismissed it in the past.

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