An increase in popularity


Horse racing has always been a part of American history from colonial times and beyond. What makes the sport so interesting is that now we are using an almost ancient form of entertainment and tailoring it toward the real world. Back when humans first started domesticating horses, they found out that they were quite fast. And with little means of entertainment back then, they quickly began racing them.

After that, horse breeding became a huge worldwide industry and people began breeding faster and faster horses to compete with one another. Once the world got a little more globalized, these races started taking place all of the world to see which individual had the fastest horses, which countries could breed the fastest horses, and which jockeys could ride the best.

Horse racing today

Today, horse racing is seeing a huge surge in popularity. Perhaps it is because people are getting more adventurous in terms of which sports they are willing to watch or because it is just better televised, but horse racing is the new go to sport in many countries, including the US. And while events such as the Kentucky Derby are well known, there are even more smaller event that are making their way into mainstream media.

It is an exciting time for horse racing especially for those that have been following it for years. Now we get to share our excitement with people that may have otherwise never even seen a race. Let’s hope horse racing continues to grow.

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